dragrace.me is online application able to estimate straight line "pedal to the metal" performance for various street-legal road cars.

dragrace.me provides a collection of real, tested (facts) and mathematically calculated (estimates) performance figures.

Acceleration from x to y

Provides time it takes for selected car(s) to accelerate from x to y kph (or mph).

Distance races

Provides time it takes for selected car(s) to complete a chosen distance from standing start. In other words - simulates a drag race.

Along with completion time, terminal velocity (trap speed) and gap is also calculated. Gap - distance between any particular car and a car that finished before it.

Unit modes

For dragrace.me users two measurement systems are available - Metric (used in most countries) and Imperial (used in Great Britain and similar system is also used in United States).

In this case, metric mode includes kilometers per hour (kph), meters (m), metric horsepower (ps) and kilograms (kg).

Imperial mode is a cross between United States customary and British Imperial system with miles, feet (ft), miles per hour (mph), pounds (lbs) and British horsepower (bhp).

Both unit modes use seconds (s) as measure of time, as well as drag-racing specific term "car-length" (cl). 1 cl = 4.12 m.


For questions, suggestions, error reports and any other form of feedback, please contact administrator (riils @ yahoo.com)

For lists of cars ordered by performance data and general specifications, see Supercar lists. Pre-calculated acceleration times for popular speed intervals and distances are available at AccelerationTimes.com. Crypto stuff at CryptoWildwest.